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We begin with an onsite consultation for understanding your organization, people and human resources objectives. Based on this, we will customize a strategic human resources program to meet your organization goals. Hands on Project Implementation is done step-by-step, ensuring that the human resources programs are rolled out in a structured and successful manner.


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HR Manuals & Programs

Employee Handbook, Employee Onboarding Program, Employee Training Program

Employee Appraisals & Retention

Set up Employee Appraisal KPIs for job performance, Employee retention strategies and programs.


Establish standard processes for sourcing, job descriptions, interviewing, selection, Letter of Offer, employee referral program, exit interviews .

Set Up HR Systems

Set up HR structures, programs, policies and processes  Employee Policies, HR Manuals, Employee Appraisals, Recruitment Programs

HR Audit

Audit of existing HR policies, procedures and practices for compliance

Employee Conflict Resolution

Act as 3rd party arbitrator to resolve between employee and employee disputes.


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